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Always Building



St Albans Cathedral
Always building specialises in building extensions and loft conversions in
St Albans and the surrounding area.
We are members of the Federation of Master Builders and have brick layers, carpenters, joiners, plumbers, electricians, tillers, roofers, decorators, landscapers, fencers, ground workers all at our disposal. Whatever your job, we can do it!
St Albans Cathedral





Why build an Extension?

Brick Laying

If you need more space then extending your home makes financial sense.
Selling your property doesn’t
It will cost you a small fortune in
Estate Agents Fees               £10,000
Stamp Duty                          £15,000 (500k property)
Removal Company             £3,500
Solicitors                               £2,000
Typically the cost could be around £30,500

You could invest this money enhancing your existing house, and add value and additional rooms to your current




Extension Costs


The cost of an extension can vary from one job to the next,
However there are some simple rules of thumb which generally apply to all extensions.

If you work out the square footage of your desired extension and then apply a cost of £100 - £110 per square foot per floor this will give you a very good indication of the final build cost excluding vat.
Bathrooms, Kitchens and decoration will then add additional costs to your project which will vary depending on the finish you choose.

Stack of twenties





Planning Permission

Architectural Drawings

Planning Permission and/or Permitted Development will have to be applied for before you start work.

Always Building has an RIBA Architect (Royal Institute of British Architects) on hand to make this process easy and straight forward.

Always Building offers a free consultation to assess your property and give free advice on your proposed extension and critical factors which could affect the outcome of your extension plans.

We can provide you with breakdown of the likely implications from the planning process such as the Party Wall Act and the rules surrounding Permitted Development and Building Control




Planning Cost’s

  Architectural drawings start from £1500
Planning fees are typically £ 150
Building Regs Specification £ 600
Structural Engineers Calculations £ 600
Total £2850 + vat
Approximate values per application
Variations will apply to each project
Cost of Planning





How Long Does It Take?

Typically it takes 2 weeks to produce the planning drawings.

It will then take 8 weeks for a decision from the planning department.

Once we have approval we can proceed with the Building Regulation Specification, structural calculations and application.

On some projects we will need to wait for planning approval before producing the building regs specification and structural calculations. This is because the planning officer may ask for changes to the drawings.

All being well we should be able to commence building work within 3 - 4 months of our first consultation.





Insurance Backed Warrenty


As a member of the Federation of Master Builders
We can offer our customers the peace of mind you would normally get with a new build property.

With a Build Assure 10 building warranty, you will get:

Loss of deposit up to 10% of the insured value of the works
Liquidation cover or refusal to complete the works during construction, up to 10% of the insured value
Two years protection against structural defects or faulty workmanship resulting in your builder failing to comply with regulations, codes of practice, or matters which create a danger to the health and safety of the occupants as defined by the policy
Eight years protection against structural damage and water ingress relating to a load bearing element of the works, or other latent defects as defined by the policy





Contract Values

Contract Value Typically Always building would undertake any extension Project with a contract value from £20K - £500K.
The average extension value would be around £50K
Basements are where it can become expensive and any job would be starting at £100k.


Price Breakdown

  Always Building Limited uses the latest software to price your extension.
We can provide detailed labour and materials breakdown that show the true cost of your building project. It provides you with an accurate and comprehensive breakdown of the building costs.
Price break down


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