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Digging Foundations

Machine digging foundations

Once you have planning approval we can get started on the foundations.

Typically we would use machines to do this as it is more cost effective, however in some circumstances we would have to dig by hand.

Firstly we clear the site area of top soil with the machine.

Then tenches have to be dug 1.5 meters deep for the concrete foundations and 600mm wide. sometimes we need to go deeper and/or use steel rebar to reinforce the conrete on unstable soil. This will be specified by the building inspector and local planning control.





Pouring Concrete


Once the foundations trenchs are inspected by building control we can proceed with pouring the concrete.

When access is difficult we would use a concrete pump to move the concrete from the lorry to the foundation site.

Concrete usally costs around £100m3 and pumps will be be around £250+ for half a day plus the labour required to fill the foundations.

Finished foundations usally cost between £300 - £500 plus vat for ever cubic meter you dig and pour.

Concrete Foundation
  Pouring ConcretePumping ConcretePouring concrete on streel rebar





Building Up To Damp



Then we build up out of the ground to the damp course level, This plastic membrain is used to prevent damp rising up through the brick work.

Typically you would use a frost proof brick for this, such as an engineering brick as it would be prone to water ingress and ground frost wich over time will destroy the brick.







Now we build from the damp course to top of windows and doors in bricks on the outside and airated blocks on the inside. These are tied together with stainless steel wall ties and with fibre glass or solid foil backed insulation board in the cavity to keep your house nice and snug.

Brick and Block with insulation  







Once we build up to the top of the doors and windows, we will need to get some scaffolding on the job so we can safely continue the rest of the build. up to the roof plate ready for the carpenter to cut the roof in.





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