Roofer at work


The order in which a hand-cut roof for an extension is constructed,
while the existing house is still occupied
  Roof Plate  

 Stage 1:

The block work is now to plate height. The plates have been checked for level and square.



Note: The exsisting house roof is intact at this stage.


Stage 2:
On the first day the ceiling joists are laid out and the first pair of common rafters have been pitched.

Joist hangers are yet to be fitted to the small ceiling joists abutting the double trimming joists.


Note: The exsisting house roof is intact at this stage.

  Roof Ceiling Joists  
  Roof Ridge    

Stage 3:

On the second day both hips have been cut and the main ridge has been joined to the existing roof with only the removal of four of the existing roof tiles.

Also, all the jack rafters have been cut and fitted to the extension roof.


Note: Only a minimal amount of disruption to the main roof at this point.


Stage 4:

The valleys have now been formed. Tiles have had to be removed from the existing house roof where the extension roof intersects the existing roof. However, the existing roofing felt has been left intact to protect the existing rooms below. 


Note: All double ceiling joists and roof rafters have now been bolted and birds-mouths are already cut into the roof rafters to accommodate a supporting stud wall to be fitted later.

  Roof Valleys  
  Roof Internal Stud Wall    

Stage 5:

Internal stud wall to support the rafters has now been fitted. Note how the stud wall sits on-top of the double joists. The fasia board has been fitted as well as the sprockets. The small ceiling joists have yet to be bolted to the rafters; but apart from that we are now ready to cloak in the roof.


Note: The existing house has been well protected at all times from bad weather.


Stage 6:

The main extension roof is now finished and we’re in the dry. Still some work to do on the low-level roof but once the windows have been fitted the low-level roof can be tiled in and we’re ready for a plasterer.

  Extension Roof Finished  

Hand cut roof


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